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Serving the communities of Circle Pines, Lexington, Lino Lakes & Centerville

Registration for 2016-2017 CBA season

will begin in August.

See photos of 2015-2016 team accomplishments below! 

News & Events

CBA Upcoming Events

  • Jul
  • 17
CBA Board Meeting
  • 7:00pm-8:30pm CDT Ical_event_icon
  • Circle Pines City Hall
  • Tag(s): Home 
  • Aug
  • 14
CBA Board Meeting
  • 7:00pm-8:30pm CDT Ical_event_icon
  • Circle Pines City Hall
  • Tag(s): Home 
  • Sep
  • 11
CBA Board Meeting
  • 7:00pm-8:30pm CDT Ical_event_icon
  • Circle Pines City Hall
  • Tag(s): Home 

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Recognition Section

~~~~~~~~ Congratulations 2015-2016 CBA Teams! ~~~~~~~~

  • 1st Place 8AB Andover Tournament
  • 2nd Place 4B Centennial Tournament
  • 2nd Place 6B Centennial Tournament 11/14-11/15
  • 2nd Place 6A Centennial Tournament 11/14-11/15
  • 1st Place 5A Coon Rapids Tournament
  • 2nd Place 4B Mahtomedi Tournament
  • 1st Place 7B Irondale Tournament
  • 2nd Place 4B White Hastings Tournament 11/14-11/15
  • 3rd Place 7B Centennial Tournament 11/14-11/15
  • 2nd Place 8A Eagan Tournament
  • 2nd Place 8A Spring Lake Park Tournament 11/14-11/15
  • 1st Place 6A Spring Lake Park Tournament 11/14-11/15
  • 2nd Place 8A Coon Rapids Tournament
  • 3rd Place 8 B/C Coon Rapids Tournament
  • 1st Place 8A Centennial Tournament
  • 3rd Place 8A Eagan Tournament
  • 1st Place 7A Centennial Tournament
  • 1st Place 6B Spring Lake Park Tournament
  • 2nd Place 7A Mahtomedi Tournament
  • 1st Place 8A North St. Paul Tournament
  • 2nd Place 6A Alexandria Tournament
  • 1st Place 7B Alexandria Tournament
  • 1st Place 4A Centennial Tournament
  • 1st Place 4A Eagan Tournament
  • 1st Place 7B Mahtomedi Tournament
  • Consolation Champs 6B Centennial Tournament
  • 3rd Place 4A Farmington Tournament
  • Consolation Champs 8A Stillwater Tournament
  • 1st Place 6C Stillwater Tournament
  • 2nd Place 4A Mahtomedi Tournament
  • 2nd Place 4B Coon Rapids Tournament
  • 3rd Place 6B Mahtomedi Tournament
  • 2nd Place 6B Chanhassen Tournament
  • 2nd Place 4-Red Stillwater Tournament
  • 1st Place 8AB Mahtomedi Tournament
  • 3rd Place 4-Red Chanhassen Tournament
  • Consolation Champs 6B Stillwater Tournament
  • 2nd Place 7A Chanhassen Tournament
  • 2nd Place 5A Apple Valley Tournament
  • 1st Place 4B-White Chanhassen Tournament
  • 1st Place 4A Apple Valley Tournament
  • 3rd Place 7B Andover Tournament
  • 1st Place 4 White Forest Lake Tournament
  • 3rd Place 8A St. Michael Tournament
  • 2nd Place 8A Apple Valley Tournament
  • 2nd Place 4 White St. Michael Tournament
  • 1st Place 8A Forest Lake Tournament
  • 1st Place 7A Woodbury Tournament
  • 3rd Place 7A St. Michael Tournament
  • 1st Place 4A Irondale Tournament
  • 2nd Place 7B Tartan Tournament
  • 2nd Place 6A Tartan Tournament
  • 2nd Place 4-White St. Francis Tournament
  • 3rd Place 4-White Rogers Tournament
  • Consolation Champs 8A Andover Tournament
  • 2nd Place 6B Moundsview Tournament
  • 2nd Place 7A St. Francis Tournament
  • 1st Place 4-White White Bear Tournament
  • 1st Place 7A Mounds View Tournament
  • 2nd Place 8AB Cottage Grove Tournament
  • 3rd Place 8A Cottage Grove Tournament
  • Consolation Champs 7A Rochester Tournament
  • 3rd Place 7A Anoka Tournament
  • 2nd Place 6C Coon Rapids Tournament
  • 2nd Place 7-Spring STATE Tournament

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Upcoming Basketball Camps

NIKE Basketball Camps

Location- Minneapolis Sports Center

Boys Session: July 25th-29th
Girls Session: August 1st-5th
Register Online-

Check-in: Monday at 8:30AM
Closing Ceremony: Friday at 11:30AM
Camp Meals: Lunch is not provided. Please bring a packed lunch or lunch money.
Camp Hours: MON-THURS 9AM-3PM, FRI 9AM-12PM

Nike Basketball Camp Minneapolis Sports Center
Camp Director Travis Bledsoe has worked with WNBA professionals over the years, including WNBA MVP Maya Moore. Coach Bledsoe will use his WNBA and past basketball coaching and playing experiences to help youth players improve their all-around game from footwork and team play to nutritional guidance.

Pro Level Training Nike Basketball Camps mission is to help enhance the performance of basketball players both physically as well as mentally. The goal of camp is to provide players with the Pro skills and mental approach they need to get a leg up on the competition. 

A major emphasis of camp will be explosive movement and working on the fundamentals of footwork, balance and conditioning to become a better and more explosive player. Campers will also learn professional tips on the importance of a good nutritional diet.


-Wide range of Professional skill development drills
-Talented staff of coaches eager to teach and reinforce basketball fundamentals
-In-depth analysis of each player's conditioning and footwork
-Discussion of nutritional goals and off-court activities to benefit on-court game
-Official NIKE Camp T-shirt, NIKE Workbook, Camp Awards and other great prizes!

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